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This is a story, the writing of which began in 1789. La Constancia originally formed part of Estancia San Javier which extended from the township of the same name to the peaks of the mountains to the east. More than four generations have written the history of this place. Today, two brothers, Agustín and Luis Dorado are the ones who receive guests in the family homestead. They have decided to live in San Javier and rear their children here. Splendid hosts, they act as enthusiastic guides on the trails, helping guests to hear the echoes of the history and memories of the place.

A place with a lot of magnetism, it is located on the hillside of the Champaquí Mountain (2.884 meters above sea level) and it is the highest summit of the Cordovan mountain range. The homestead was built at 1.400 meters above sea level. On following the steep trails towards the east, one quickly gains altitude and the valleys become deeper: birds cross the sky and on earth, medicinal plants flower. Observant folk find traces of pumas, the silent night prowlers. Further on, and difficult to get to, the San Javier River rises, to later cross the estancia with its pure crystalline waters.

Towards the west, one’s gaze falls upon the desert plain which separates the Cordovan mountain range from the Cordillera of the Andes, and loses itself in infinity. Only the condor in its impeccable, gliding flight and a few sporadic mountains interrupt a panorama which fades into unreachable depths.

During your stay, a number of different trails can be explored, either independently or with a guide, although many of them are well signposted and can be followed without difficulty. The Champaquí Mountain is a goal for the more active. To travel along the trails on foot or on horseback or simply admire the views from the garden is to allow yourself to become wrapped in peaceful surroundings with benign, magical breezes. It is an excellent idea to leave some time to go around San Javier and the surrounding area which produces wine, olive oil of excellent quality, apart from which, it is a region known for its crafts in wood and stone carving. A truly authentic place, where life follows the rhythms of nature.


Around 1895, the search for a cure for his tuberculosis brought José Arias Moreno and his wife Maria de la Plaza (niece of the ex-president of Argentina, Victorino de la Plaza) to the San Javier region. Only the healthy air in these parts could help his illness. Medical knowledge of the time recommended that the patient live at 1.400 mts. above sea level in a benign climate like that beyond the mountain range such as the western side of the Cordovan mountain range with its dry, pleasant climate. The couple journeyed from Santiago del Estero in horse carriages, then on mules and finally on foot, which, at that time was the only way to arrive at their destination. The house is

strategically places in the Quebrada del Tigre (the valley of the tiger). The local inhabitants say that back in the 1830s, a yaguareté was hunted and killed here, hence the name, given that, in those days the locals called the yaguareté a tiger.

The first building was an adobe rancho with a thatched roof and is now the dining room. As time passed, further constructions were added: a dovecote, a games patio and a swimming pool. It wasn’t until 1920 that an entrance road was made giving access to the homestead in wheeled vehicles. In 1935, María had a chapel built with the local stone and dedicated it to San José, decorated with images of her favorite saints – San José, San Antonio and San Francisco. These images, carved in marble by Vatican sculptors, decorate the interior of the chapel, together with two large glazed tiles from the Renaissance era. One represents the Virgin of Catamarca and the other San José and the Virgin María in their flight to Egypt. The chapel bell first tolled on the 8th of January 1938.

Some years later, these lands passed into the hands of the family of the current owners. The third generation did an excellent job of restoration after forty years during which the place was abandoned. Each room returned to life again, initially for family use, but some time later, in the year 2,000 AD, its doors were opened to tourism, to share this magnificent place where the particular energy of the Sierras reigns supreme. Today, the fourth generation brothers, Agustín and Luis take up the same vocation of providing excellent hospitality with much enthusiasm and affection.


La Constancia has several buildings: each visitor finds his or her favorite corner, isolated in silence, able to listen to the sounds of nature. In the main building there is a living room with a fireplace and a library, which gives unto four bedrooms. Leaving the veranda, there is access on one side to an apartment and two other bedrooms, and on the other side to the garden with its patios. Being all together, but in different modules gives each guest more privacy and liberty. In every instance, one has to go outside along the veranda in order to get to the dining room.

Further apart there is a large games room, where, apart from several table games, there is a table tennis table and a pool table. Television can be watched in two other rooms, and, because of the Cerro, Wi Fi is available only in certain sectors of the house: the telephone signal is also weak and can be received only in certain sectors of the house and property.

There is a massage parlour with two massage tables near the games room. In summer, massages are given beside the river.

In total there are 8 bedrooms and an apartment with two bedrooms and a bathroom. Our total capacity is to provide for 23 people.


The bedrooms are divided into three categories:

  • 3 Premium rooms: (3 double bed rooms or 1 double bed and 1 twin bed): Mountain View.

  • 5 Standard rooms: 2 double bed, 2 double bed/twin bed/triple (triple: double bed + single bed), 1 twin bed/triple (with separate beds).

  • An apartment which has a double bed room with private bathroom and an adjoining room with two beds, which shares the bathroom with the main room.



Our culinary productions revolve around what is ready to be harvested, since the great majority of the ingredients are grown on the estancia. Not just from the kitchen garden but also the gathering of pine fungi, walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts and seasonal fruit such as blackberries among others.

The Cordovan Sierras are well-known for their herbs: infusions of lemon verbena, lime, pennyroyal, peppermint and mint – all of which are picked in the environs of the house – are available at all times.

Given this excellent raw material, the cook appears on the scene to add creativity and experience in the confection of dishes which recreate old creole recipies or fusions of styles with the techniques and tastes of international cuisine. The Dorado brothers take turns in the kitchen both enjoying the creation of the dishes to be served at your table.

The infallible lamb or kid barbecue with grilled vegetables isn’t the only star of the kitchen. Many other outstanding dishes make an appearance, such as: chicken cooked on a plough disc, kid casserole, homemade pastas with mushroom or pesto sauces, vegetable lasagne, risottos, goulash and many others. At dessert time you may be surprised by chocolate marquise, apple flan, caramel mousse, pear bavarois, chestnut cake or seasonal fruit tarts. Everything is homemade including the bread, the same as every other element which arrives at the breakfast table for you to accumulate energy and be ready to hike along the different trails.


La Constancia is situated in an ideal place for trekking and horseback riding in the sierras while enjoying the outstanding views. There are several circuits which take between 20 minutes to 2 hours which can be done independently and others, longer and more physically demanding of between 3 and 10 hours, for which guides are provided. After a few days of exercising your legs, a good goal is to climb the Champaquí Mountain (2,884 meters above sea level: this has an additional cost).

The hosts decide on the day’s activity, depending on the weather, the opportunities offered by the environment and the usual activities of the estancia.

On horseback you set off from the stables which are only a few meters from the house. Our horses were born and bred in the mountains and are fully accustomed to the terrain, insuring a pleasant ride on steep slopes. Whether crossing stony streams or sharp ridges they never lose their footing, allowing the rider to enjoy the view.

During the treks, be it on foot or on horseback, there are lovely views of the mountain and the infinite horizon towards the west. You cross rivers, valleys and small grasslands, giving you the opportunity to recognize the flora and fauna which abound on the mountain slope.

The proposals which the hosts offer are varied. Apart from the treks on foot or on horseback, you can fish rainbow trout, (from October to May), visit the kitchen garden, and take a turn round the area dedicated to the breeding of farm animals: goats, sheep and lambs, ducks, chickens and rabbits. You can also swim in one of the several bathing pools in the river or in the swimming pool, or simply let yourself become hypnotized by the murmuring water by the stream. Furthermore you are also at liberty to enjoy every corner of the house and the games room – it is all part of spending a few days in La Constancia. Cooking, too, is an essential part of the activities, at which time the cook reveals one of his secrets.

On request, and at an additional cost, you can have a massage, Reiki, Reflexology and Tai Chi.

Outside the property, we recommend that you don’t miss the opportunity to visit the small village of San Javier, the winery, the olive groves where the high-quality olive oil is processed, the La Viña dyke, the Roscen Museum and a number of artisans who work wood, stone and other materials. Eight kilometers away there are golf courses and within 25 kms there is a polo field.



✓ CHECK IN: 12.00 hs

✓ CHECK OUT: 10 o’clock am. (Rooms must be vacated by this time). According to the transport time, guests may continue using the common areas.

✓ The electricity is 220 volts provided by s hydroelectric turbine. Please use hairdryers with consideration. Bearing in mind that this is not mains electricity.

✓ Wi Fi is available only in certain parts of the house.

✓ Satellite TV is occasionally interrupted by heavy rainstorms. Two TV sets in two living rooms and in one Premium room.

✓ Cell-phone signal is weak in certain areas of the property.

✓ Extra payments in situ: cash or credit card (Visa, Master Card and American Express). The accepts debit cards.


  • Comfortable, waterproof walking shoes or boots, Comfortable everyday shoes to go around the house or the garden.

  • Shorts / bathing suit (except for the months of June through August).

  • A long-sleeved shirt.

  • Cold weather clothing (from May to the end of September)

  • Long trousers, ideally loose-fitting riding trousers.

  • A windcheater.

  • A hat.

  • Sunglasses and sunblock.

  • Insect repellent, preferably biodegradable.

  • If you have them, binoculars, a camera and leggings.

  • Torch



In the Traslasierra, on the western side of the Champaquí Mountain, seven kilometers from the village of San Javier in the Province of Córdoba.



  • By bus: towards Villa Dolores ´City, located 1 hour away from La Constancia, with Chevallier Bus Company ( ) in Suite or Executive service. From Cordoba´s city, there are daily bus services to Villa Dolores ´city with Panaholma (54 0351- 4423621 / 54 03544-423900). There is, as well, a daily bus service from Villa Dolores ‘city to Mendoza´s city with Chevallier.

  • By plane:

  1. To San Luis, located 250 km. away from La Constancia, with Aerolineas Argentinas. Transfer to La Constancia.

  2. To Córdoba, located a 197 km. away from San Javier (this trip last 3 hrs aprox.), which receives Aerolíneas Argentinas, LAN Argentina, Copa Airlines, TAM and GOL flights. The Córdoba Airport connects with several national and international airports. By way of reference you will find some current options in the box below. These may vary, so we recommend that you get in touch with whatever airline you choose.

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